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A freelancer is an independent individual who works on his own in his field of expertise.
Here, we make a clear distinction between freelancers & small structures on the one hand, and super-structures & agencies on the other hand.
Are welcome to submit to this database::
- Freelancers [individuals]
- Small structures [groups of freelancers who work together, small companies, collectives]

Freelancers database?
The database we're building nourishes the ambition of grouping the widest panel of independent professionals. The aim is to facilitate contact between freelancers, and to offer to the market the opportunity to seek and find someone to work with.

In the near future (probably depending on the number of subscription we get), we plan to develop this site into a serious community portal dedicated to Lebanese freelancers.

About the project::
The Freelance Database project sprouted on a www.fungusworkshop.com & ZWYX.org initiative to help facilitating communication and link creation between lebanese independants. The project began when the team was joined by graphic designer Yara Raffoul [Ku-bi-k], director Amin Dora [amindora.com], Yasmina Raffoul [zoe-prod.com] and animator/illustrator Rajwa Tohmé.

It is a non-profit project that shall breed on community activity.

For more information, feel free to contact us any time.



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